Shalom House

Shalom House

2100 N. 13th St.  (map)
Kansas City, KS  66104

Shalom House is a program of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas City, Kansas.

Our History

Shalom House was founded by Father Richard Wempe in August 1982 as a Catholic Worker house offering hospitality to homeless men willing to live in peaceful community.  It operated in the tradition of the Catholic Worker movement founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin during the depression.  Its mission is to fulfill the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:34-36 and 40.  “What you do for the least of these brothers, you do for me.” Shalom House promotes respect for all faiths and a strong belief in nonviolence.

Our Present

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas has stepped up to oversee administrative duties.  Shalom House integrated into the tradition of Catholic Charities and will carry on its original mission of continuing Christ’s work on this earth by offering hospitality to men in a family atmosphere.

Community at Shalom houseOur Home

We provide a place to sleep, a breakfast and dinner, clothes, showers, and referrals for medical and employment assistance. Each evening the community gathers in prayer to reflect and pray for the needs of the men they served and for those who touched their lives. In all that we do, we strive to practice the discipline of hospitality, whoever the guest.

Your Time

Volunteers who offer dependable assistance are the lifeblood of Shalom House.  We are staffed by volunteers and staff committed to the corporal works of mercy and solidarity, preaching the Gospel through actions, respect for all faiths and nonviolence. There are numerous opportunities to help in meeting the needs of Shalom House.  Examples of volunteer options:

–Evening Meals– Church, social and civic groups, families or individuals can prepare a meal for thirty people either in their home or at Shalom House. Volunteers serve the meal in a buffet style.  Volunteering in this way is most effective if done on a regular basis– once a month, quarterly, four times a year, etc.

–Specialty Volunteering– Individuals who would like to assist with housework or other specialty jobs are welcome.  Professionals willing to offer free services to members of the community are always needed.  We do ask these commitments be made with longevity in mind to assure continuity.

–Live-In Volunteering— We invite those who are able to work as a member of the live-in staff.  Please call for more information on this commitment.  Students and recent graduates are encouraged to live and learn with us.

–Mentoring Individuals— who would like to interact with the men in a mentoring capacity are welcome to volunteer in the evening time.  Volunteering in this way is most effective if done on a weekly basis.

Your Donations

Donations come in many forms, however, all are essential to our daily operation.

–Household Items. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, other typical household items and food staples are greatly appreciated.

–Men’s Clothing. Work/dress pants, jeans, suits, ties, dress/casual shirts, sweaters, shoes, belts, underwear, socks, sports/dress coats, jackets are greatly appreciated.

–Monetary Donations. All money goes toward providing assistance to the house and the men we serve.


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